Joined 1988.

Employment History
• BECO. 1988 - present. 
• Bedding factory, 1986 - 1988.

Swam in the river Ganges.

Two O-Levels in English Language and Medieval History.

meet Abhi

What Abhi thinks about Abhi
I’m very experienced, that’s my biggest strength. But you need an opportunity to get that experience in the first place. I always wanted to be a DJ. I’d play stuff like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Bowie... I applied for a hospital radio job once, but they wouldn’t take me on because I couldn’t get up the steps to the studio. But working at BECO. is pretty good, I like working on production lines. My name is on the bottle, so my brother thinks I’m a bit of a celebrity now. I’d like to work at any sort of factory, except chocolate. I’d end up eating the stuff.

What Abhi’s colleague Billy thinks of Abhi
I’ve known Abhi over 40 years. We went to school together, believe it or not. We’re both into cricket, we used to play it in the playground, but now we stick to just watching test matches together. Abhi was really popular at school, mainly because he was into all the latest bands. He knew all the new records that were coming out. If you wanted to know who was number 1, you’d just ask Abhi. He's a great friend and really smart guy, with more talent than he gives himself credit for. I've no doubt he'd make a great employee too.

What Abhi’s manager Michael thinks of Abhi
Abhi is a really nice guy. He loves work and is a great worker. He’s one of the best bottlers we’ve got. His general knowledge is incredible too. Particularly when it comes to sport, politics and music.

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