Assistant Team Leader
Joined 2002.

Employment History
• BECO. 2002 - present.
• Bedding factory, 1991 - 2002.

• NVQ2 Manufacturing.

• My kids.

meet OZZIE

What Ozzie thinks about Ozzie
I’m chief organiser here at BECO. I organise the leaving dos, after-work drinks, seaside trips, weekly raffle, and when I’m not busy doing that, I make some soap. I manage the milling process. I think I’m good at it. It’s a really good soap, 10 out of 10. 11 when I’m making it. We make it the old fashioned way, with natural ingredients. It’s all hand cut and we mill it a minimum 3 times. Sometimes 6 if it needs it. It doesn’t go out unless we’re proud of it. I love animals too. I’ve had dogs, rabbits and tortoises. I’ve also had snakes, piranhas and even had a bird-eating spider before. I used to watch David Attenborough programmes as a kid and was fascinated by the more dangerous animals. I used to help people set up tanks for tropical fish and reptiles, I also applied for a job in a zoo, but they only offered me voluntary work. I can’t buy Lacoste shirts if I work for free can I?

What Ozzie’s colleague Sareet thinks of Ozzie
When the pressure is on and we’ve got orders to get out, he keeps a cool head. That rubs off on the team. He’s fair with everyone and passionate about making sure the quality of what we make is high. He loves animals. Dogs, fish, snakes, piranhas… you know, the normal pets that most people have. I wouldn’t want him to leave, because I’d have to pick up his work load!

What Ozzie’s colleague Michael thinks of Ozzie
He runs the soap-milling department well and has built up a good team of people around him. He’s a good communicator and really passionate about what he makes. Not as passionate as he is about Spurs, though. He’d love a job at the new stadium.

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