Operations Assistant
Joined 2018.

Employment History
• BECO. 2018 - present.
• College of North West London (Office Service Centre)
• American Financial Company (Recruiter and Audit Ambassador)
• John Lewis (Manager)

City & Guilds Level 1 in Teacher Training.

meet Rosalind

What Rosalind thinks about Rosalind
When I was young, I really wanted to be a fashion designer. The passion for fabrics, colour and shapes runs through me like a stick of rock - so to take part in a few fashion competitions was a dream.
An ambition realised was to work for John Lewis. Very soon I was promoted to management. All the while I was there, I believed myself to be a ‘people person’ - little did I know...
My entry into the world that I call 'paper' - better known as 'administration' - was with a US financial company in the role of Sales Force Recruitment. Am I an administrator? I certainly have a flair for it!
Being headhunted brought me into the education field. While I was training to be a teacher, I faced some health challenges that created a gap in my CV. Regardless of my previous work experience I found myself unemployable. The longer it takes to get hired, the harder it can be.
BECO. eventually gave me the break I needed. I think more companies should hire like they do. I’m involved in the detailed elements that underpin the entire operation. Everything from processing orders to printing labels.
Am I a people person? Yes. Can I create, can I manage, can I teach? The answer is... yes, and more! I know I'm multi-talented, and that’s a good thing.

What Rosalind’s manager Laurence thinks of Rosalind
Rosalind is a great worker. She’s always well ahead of time with her work. She’s supportive and a key member of the operations team. She gives 110% every time she is in the building. She’s compassionate, giving and always there for other people, not just in Operations but in the factory as a whole.

What Rosalind’s Pastor Daniel thinks of Rosalind
I’ve known Rosalind for 8-10 years. She is a very dedicated member of our church. She is a hardworking, honest, intelligent and diligent woman. I like the fact that she is very detail orientated; when making announcements in church, she explains things clearly. She is very good at timekeeping. I have personal and professional respect for her and can vouch that she will be competent in whatever role she’s placed in. Rosalind is involved in the ministries looking after the homeless once a month (cooking for them). She is one of the assets of our church.

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