Soap Line
Joined 2007.

Employment History
• BECO. 2007 - present.
• Lorry lights manufacturing, 1996 - 2006.

• NVQ Foundation Engineering.

• Learning braille. Being able to read and not be read to.

meet Sareet

What Sareet thinks about Sareet
I make soap. It keeps me busy, but it’s not cars, which is my real passion. What else is there to say about soap? It’s not Formula One, is it! I studied engineering when I was younger, and started out in the automotive industry. I’d love to get back into that again. I just love cars. Ferrari. McLaren. You name it. Yeah, there is stuff I can’t do, but you’d be surprised what you can get out of me.

What Sareet’s manager Ozzie thinks of Sareet
Sareet does as he’s told... most of the time! In all honesty, he’s a really hard worker and a great craftsman. He’s one of the best soap cutters we have. Most people will probably judge his ability based on his vision, but judge him on what he can do. It might take him a bit longer, but if you give him a chance, he’ll pay you back in spades.

What Head of HR Gill thinks of Sareet
Sareet is part of the furniture here at BECO. He is a committed and loyal member of the soap making team and probably has one of the longest commutes of all the staff and yet is always here on time and never complains about it. He has a very dry sense of humour and is great company. We have a regular little morning conversation where I ask him how he is, and his standard response is “Could be better.” Then I say, “And it could be worse,” and he says, “Yeah, that’s true!” He gets involved with all of the social events we put on and is a great supporter of BECO., always willing to volunteer for extra work or promote what we do here.

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If you’re not here to hire, you can still help. Every bar of soap and bottle of hand wash we sell helps provide real jobs for people with disabilities, like David in production.