Production Operative
Joined 1982.

To become a travel advisor.

I make a mean bottle of soap and a meaner cup of tea.

English Levels 1, 2 & 3.

meet Sonia

What Sonia thinks about Sonia
I’m humble, modest and good at everything. So I’ve been told. I love to travel, I’ve visited: Germany, Jamaica, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Gran Canaria... the list goes on. I have a similarly long list of disabilities, which I never let hold me back from what I love doing. I’d like to find a job that helps other people to travel. Or a job in perfume? I really like perfume.

What Sonia’s colleague Michael thinks of Sonia
Sonia’s time keeping is excellent and she works hard. She won’t sit around; she wants things to do and likes to be kept busy. She always shows great initiative. Sonia’s really well liked here.

What Head of HR Gill thinks of Sonia
Sonia is totally committed to work. Her attendance record is second to none. I actually think she was late once this year and was distraught about it. She’s a good egg. Funny. And makes other people feel good. She adores being at work, but enjoys her holidays too. I think she’d be great at any role where she can interact with people.

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If you’re not here to hire, you can still help. Every bar of soap and bottle of hand wash we sell helps provide real jobs for people with disabilities, like David in production.