Joined 1985.

• 13,000ft parachute jump. 
• Ofcom Amateur Radio License.
• Union representative.

• Piano tuning qualification from the London College of Furniture.
• Multiple IT qualifications.

meet Stephen

What Stephen thinks about Stephen
I’m a people person. I love talking, almost as much as I love Dr Who and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I try and go to as many Sci-Fi conventions as humanoidly possible. I listen to a lot of audio books – my dream job would be to work for Big Finish Productions as a producer, I’d settle for working on reception, though! I’ve got the same ambition as everyone else, I just find that my opportunities are limited. I love the people here at BECO., and I love how environmentally sustainable the soap is too. The environment is important to me, the nearest Earth-like planet is 12 light years away, so we need to look after the one we have.

What Stephen’s manager Gill thinks of Stephen
He’s an inspirational person to know and always willing to try something new. No one knows more about technology here than Stephen. He really embraces new innovations, is very forward thinking and is always willing to help and train other people by running tech sessions for his colleagues.

What Stephen’s colleague Nic thinks of Stephen
Stephen always amazes people with what he can do. He never lets his disability get in his way. He’s got a good heart and a great sense of humour. If I could compare him to anyone, it would be Matt Lucas. His impersonations are brilliant. He does a good one of me, and a Dalek. I really think he should be a presenter or a voiceover artist.

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