Joined 1990.

• Finding flaws in packaging that most sighted people can’t see. 
• I know every bus route in North London.

• My ambition’s to work in public transport. 


What Yvonne thinks about Yvonne
I’ve worked at BECO. for exactly 29 years and 6 months. BECO. is on the bus 275 from Walthamstow. I like singing and making people laugh. My super power outside work is that I know every bus route north of The Regent’s Park. I’ve got a good memory for numbers and directions. My super power at work is I can spot bumps, dents and scratches in the bottles that sighted people can’t even see. I won’t let it down the line if it’s not right. It’s a good soap and stocked in supermarkets all over the country. You can buy it in Boots at Tottenham Hale (take the 275, then change to the 123), Sainsbury's Walthamstow (take W16) and Waitrose in Buckhurst Hill (you’ll need the number 20).

What Yvonne’s manager Allan thinks of Yvonne
She’s very clever. Yvonne can find any fault with a bottle. She’ll pick up on even the slightest dent. There’s no one else here that can do that quite like Yvonne. She’s very sharp and has a great memory. She’s like a sponge with information.

What Head of HR Gill thinks of Yvonne
She’s lovely, and quite a character is our Yvonne. She likes to know everyone. She’s got a great sense of humour. She has a core group of friends who all help her out when she needs it. I’d say she would excel in any role that had a clear routine, but that being said she’s always willing to learn new things.

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